How far should we trust Genesis?

How far should we trust Genesis?


The book of Genesis in the Bible doesn't seem to make much sense to me right now.
I think that if it's a story passed down by human oral tradition, there may be some exaggerated parts like a story.
From that perspective, how much of the Bible's Genesis do you think is exaggerated in religion?
How much of Genesis should we believe?


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From an academic standpoint, it can be difficult to interpret Genesis as a historical fact or a scientific account. For a number of reasons, the stories in Genesis may have served as cultural transmissions and symbolic messages rather than historical events. Therefore, from an academic perspective, it may be more appropriate to understand and interpret the stories in Genesis in a literary, religious, or philosophical context rather than accepting them as historical facts.

In conclusion, the extent to which one should believe the stories in Genesis may depend on one's personal religious beliefs and academic attitudes. If your religious beliefs are based on faith and spiritual values, it is common to understand and accept the stories in a religious context. From an academic perspective, it is common to interpret the stories in Genesis as having cultural, symbolic, and religious significance.